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Mark Moss


Rare Monarch

Rare Monarch Sighting Realized


Exactly one month ago as I sat in my backyard office writing, a Minnesota state butterfly stopped on a hanging flower pot just in front of me. June 11, 2013 seemed late for Monarchs but we have had a lot of unusual timing of nature's events this year.

Of course, I simply grabbed my nearby Nikon and shot a few frames before the beauty continued it's journey. ...

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An Avian Encounter


A pair of twitterpated cardinals has been zooming around the yard the past few days and this afternoon they lighted in the backyard feeder area long enough for me to capture a few frames of an interesting exchange.

Papa Cardinal flew up and down from the ground and to the feeder multiple times and on the ground, he transferred his acquired birdseed directly into the mouth of Big Momma Cardinal. Or it may have been a Big Kid Cardinal; I can't always tell the difference between older and younger birds. ...

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