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Still Photography

The root words making up "photograph" mean "writing with light." Still images recorded at 1/125th of a second (or whatever!) capture the light for that moment so we can look back and remember every detail in the frame. Or perhaps we see things we did not see the first time, giving us a fresh perspective on a moment.

LightWriting works with you to preserve and share special moments like a plunge under water or a busy gathering of folks. The sky is the limit.

Motion and Sound

Video productions at thirty frames per second (or whatever!) that bring in sounds with the sights can evoke all of the senses. And evoke emotions.

Long documentaries or shorter "news McNuggets" highlighting an event give you the opportunity to preserve and share your stories. LightWriting jumps into the action or records the overview for family, friends and the future.

Written Stories

Sometimes just using words is the best way to create an image. Our experience includes describing a scene or a photograph, but good words can often stand alone.

We are expanding from non-fiction into a different type of story telling about subjects such as Heaven. Stay tuned for updates in this category.